Winston Wong Centre for Bio-Inspired

The Winston Wong Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology, located at Imperial College in London, is one of Dr. Wong’s most important philanthropic initiatives.

Launched in December 2009 and financed by Dr. Wong, the Centre is part of Imperial College’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, which was officially opened by the Queen in 2007 (read the full release).

Focused on the idea that biological systems hold the key to innovative technologies, the Centre’s mission is to invent and develop advanced technological devices that mimic living systems that will improve medical diagnoses and offer individual solutions for managing chronic disease.

A major focus is the creation of low cost, disposable, personalized healthcare devices that provide patients with individual solutions for managing their disease, provide them with greater control over their treatment and allow patients to continue with an independent lifestyle.

Researchers are designing methods for the continuous, real-time monitoring of bio-chemicals and bio-signals in genetics, metabolic, neurological and cardiovascular disease.

The Centre is leveraging state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies – technologies that Dr. Wong has helped pioneer – in some of its research.  In the development and trial phase, for instance, researchers have used analogue semiconductors that have been configured to mimic the function of pancreatic cells that usually regulate insulin. A glucose sensor is measuring blood sugar while the semiconductors are gathering data, which determines the insulin dispensed by an insulin pump.  The whole system continuously monitors blood sugar and secretes the amount of insulin required at any time to keep the patient’s system in balance.

Dr. Wong, who obtained his Ph.D. in physics at Imperial College and currently serves as a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, has been interested in advanced bio-inspired technologies since his days as a student at Imperial College.

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