Winston Wong, as a scientist, entrepreneur and prominent Taiwanese citizen, supports philanthropic activities on three continents and in a variety of areas, ranging from innovative approaches to health care to national and international policy. Dr. Wong believes successful individuals should give back to society in ways that improve the public’s health, safety and economic well-being.

In the United Kingdom, Dr. Wong supports a number of important research initiatives at his alma mater, Imperial College London. These include the Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology, where he is the Founding Sponsor, and the Winston Wong Chair in Biomedical Circuits.

One of Dr. Wong’s main philanthropic interests is the innovative use of science in medicine. The Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology, for example, is inventing, developing and demonstrating the use of innovative and advanced technologies that mimic living systems. These technologies will enable medical practitioners to better diagnosis disease and offer individual solutions for managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. These solutions include a range of low-cost personalized healthcare devices, which will give patients more control over their treatment.

Another of Dr. Wong’s interests is renewable energy. In 2010, Dr. Wong was a key supporter of the historic Moon-Reagan Transantarctic Expedition – providing funds for the expedition’s lead vehicle, the Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle, which produced valuable research on the use of bio-fuels under extreme weather conditions.

In Taiwan, Dr. Wong serves as President of the Yueh-Lan Wang Charitable Foundation. He created the foundation to help honor and fulfill the wishes of his “Big Mother,” who helped raise him, to help underprivileged children. The foundation focuses on providing funding for educational scholarships and for local government initiatives that help find adoptive homes for soldiers’ orphans. Since Madam Wang’s passing in 2012, the Foundation has continued to expand its initiatives.

Dr. Wong also supports a number of think tanks in Taiwan and the United States that conduct public policy research on economic issues and Asian and global affairs.

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