Top UK Women’s Magazines Laud GENEU

GENEU, the new “cosmeceuticals” company that Dr. Wong has been nurturing through his investments and service as honorary chairman, has been receiving accolades from the UK’s top fashion and beauty magazines. The company opened its first retail store in London in September 2014.

“It’s probably safe to say that this is … the beginning of the future of skincare,” wrote Cosmopolitan beauty director Ingeborg van Lotringen. “The products are the result of collaborations with eminent cosmetic scientists.”

van Lotringen’s sentiments were echoed by Lyndsay Conway, writing for the British edition of Marie Claire, a top global fashion magazine. “Even though we have heard of personalised skincare services before, this one has real weight behind it,” she wrote.

GENEU’s cutting-edge medical technology enables the creation of customized skin care products designed to combat aging, based on each individual’s genetic profile. The technology was developed by Prof. Christofer Toumazou, holder of the Winston Wong Chair in Biomedical Circuits at Imperial College London.

Read the GENEU article in Cosmopolitan here and Marie Claire here.