Guangdong Provincial Governor Praises Grace THW Group’s R&D Investment in Region in The Nanfang Daily Article

In a June 21, 2012 article in The Nanfang Daily about a meeting between Guangdong’s Provincial Governor Zhu Xiaodan and Dr. Winston Wong, Governor Zhu described Grace THW Group as “a successful example of development by Taiwanese businesses in Guangdong” and welcomed the forthcoming establishment of the group’s R&D center in the province.

Read a summary of the article below in English or read the full article in Chinese.

The Nanfang Daily Article Summary (English):

On June 20, Guangdong Provincial Governor Zhu Xiaodan and Dr. Winston Wong met to discuss the establishment of Grace THW Group’s R&D center in the province.

Governor Zhu thanked Dr. Wong for his “longstanding support of the economic and social development of Guangdong” and praised the new initiative. He said he hoped other Taiwanese businesses already in Guangdong or establishing a presence in Guangdong would follow Grace THW Group’s lead in focusing on R&D, innovation and growth of the domestic sales market.

Governor Zhu told Dr. Wong that Taiwanese businesses in Guangdong are a “key pillar for the export-oriented economy of Guangdong” and embody “the deep friendship between compatriots across the Taiwan Strait.” He believes there are “significant opportunities for mutual gain arising from trade between Guangdong and Taiwan.”

Dr. Wong agreed with Governor Zhu and thanked him and the people of Guangdong for their longstanding help and support for Grace THW Group.