Dr Wong has always believed that what is learned in the research lab should be a stepping stone to better lives.

Accordingly, he continues to nurture and support, through both his investments and his advice, the commercialization of bio-technology breakthroughs with the potential to improve people’s health and quality of life.

One such breakthrough can be seen in the anti-aging skincare products – based on an individual’s genetic makeup, or DNA – being developed by the start-up company GENEU.

A leader in the relatively new field of “cosmeceuticals,” GENEU technology enables the creation of customized skin care products designed to combat aging, based on each individual’s genetic profile.

The new technology is now being offered for the first time to the public at GENEU’s flagship store on Bond Street in London, which opened in Fall 2014. There, utilizing what can best be described as a “lab on a chip” – a patented, medical grade microchip capable of analyzing DNA – GENEU analyzes each customer’s skin care profile and in less than an hour can produce custom-made anti-aging products.

This customization technology, some experts believe, has the potential to revolutionize the global beauty industry. Beauty care products alone are expected to result in some $265 billion in annual sales by 2017, according to one recent estimate.

The ability to analyze DNA on a microchip was developed for medical purposes by Prof. Christofer Toumazou, holder of the Winston Wong Chair in Biomedical Circuits at Imperial College London. GENEU is the first commercial enterprise to use this process in the consumer sector. Dr Wong, in addition to his investment in the company, now serves as GENEU’s Honorary Chairman.

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